Equipment Grading

Equipment Grades – Each item sold on our site will have a grading, this will explain how it works.

Grade A Items -  Grade A is normally reserved for ‘open-box’ devices or New. The item is in visibly flawless condition, with no scuffs, scratches or marks on the outer casing. It will come in its original box and (most likely) with all of its original accessories. This is as close as you can get to buying brand new, and the cost will reflect that.

Grade B Items -  Grade B are visibly used, but any damage is purely cosmetic, we class this item as Refurbished. This might equate to minor scratches, but nothing that’s noticeable during normal everyday use. This item could have been repaired or had parts replaced.  For example A laptop might not come with its original box or charger, but it should still come with a compatible charger.

Grade C Items  - Grade C, wear will be heavier than a Grade B unit and there may even be visible dents and scratches, but the item will still be in full working order. You probably won’t get it in the original box, and it possibly won't have its accompanying accessories, but it should still come with a compatible charger, depending on the retailer.

Grade D Items – Grade D, we class as parts or not working, these are usually broken or damaged and useful only as spare parts for another system, items like this could be repaired possibly but we have decided the repair is not economically viable. 

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